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A People's History of Florida 1513-1876

Book Excerpts
People's History



Introduction / 5


Spanish Colonialism and Indigenous Uprisings / 15


Spanish Florida: A Refuge of Freedom / 49


American Intrusion:

Manifest Destiny, Land Theft, and Slavery Expansion / 77


The First Seminole War:

The Real 300 Was At the Suwannee River / 111


Containment and Enslavement:

Whites Expand Their Hold of the Florida Territory / 141


“A Negro, Not an Indian War”:

The Second Seminole War / 171


Achieving Freedom on the Field of Battle:

The First Emancipation Proclamation / 214


“A Backwoods Revolution Against Capitalism” / 243


The Discontent:

General Slave Resistance in Antebellum Florida / 279


“Renewing the Cry of Bread or Blood”:

Class Conflict in Confederate Florida / 316


“An Active War for their Liberation”:

Slave Defection in Confederate Florida / 340


Slavery with a Human Face:

The Struggle over Land, Labor, and Freedom / 380


The End of Reconstruction: Reversing Democracy / 425


References / 475

2009 Adam Wasserman

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